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About SMC

SMC is the worldwide leading expert in pneumatics. With 12,000 basic products and over 700,000 variations SMC offers solutions from air preparation, instrumentation, through to valves, and actuators covering practically every single step in the automation process.

SMC was established in 1959, in Tokyo, Japan, as a Sintered Metal Filters and filtration systems manufacturer. 

With its headquarters in Tokyo, SMC has 500 sales offices in 83 countries worldwide, offering automation solutions in all 5 continents. 

Products for all applications

SMC offers a wide range of control systems and equipment such as control valves, actuators, and airline equipment, to support diverse applications.

It is the leader in pneumatic technology, providing industry with complete solutions to support every kind of process automation project.

SMC products provide you with a large range of tested solutions that will endure harsh working conditions, products that are strong and solid, as well as compact and light components for robotics applications.

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