Energy Saving & Heat Recovery


Compressed Air

Energy prices have increased at an alarming rate, and interest in environmental responsibility is at an all time high. Many organisations are looking for ways to conserve energy, reduce carbon emissions, and save on overall utility costs. There are some relatively simple strategies that can reduce your company’s energy consumption, lower costs, and advance your conservation goals.

Compressed air is a major expense in many companies. Controlling your air compressor’s energy consumption can bring significant savings, have you considered utilising the waste heat from your compressor, to heat process or domestic water. Its FREE ENERGY.

Heat Recovery

Whilst running your compressor, up to 94% of the energy consumed can be reclaimed in the form of waste heat.

This can be used to heat water for in-house processes, heating or washing.

The technical team at Activ-Air have specified and installed numerous heat recovery systems, the latest one on 5 off 132kw compressors.

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