Pneumatic & Electrical Actuators

OUR PRODUCT RANGE ISO-VDMA cylinders ISO Cylinders Non ISO-VDMA Cylinders Rodless Cylinders Cylinder mountings Switches: magnetically operated Products for all applications We can offer you a comprehensive range of pneumatic and electric actuators to cover all applications and industries. Typical types being ISO/VDMA, Linear, Guided, Compact, Rodless, Grippers, Rotary and Electric. Contact Us If you […]

Control Valves

Control Valves OUR PRODUCT RANGE Solenoid Valves Pilot Valves Manual-Mechanical Valves Safety Valves Valve Islands Process solenoid valves Process ball valves Applications With a wide variety of Industry leading brands, Activ-Air is the perfect partner in guiding you to the correct choice for your application. Be it single valves in either air pilot or solenoid […]

Air Preparation

OUR PRODUCT RANGE Multi-Product Combinations and Boxed Sets Filter – Regulators Pressure Regulators Lubricators Pressure Relief Valves Control Valves Pressure Gauges Service Kits Air Quality Experts Air preparation is key for all pneumatic systems from general workshop air to food grade and breathing air grade. Our experts can advise you on the products required to […]

Fittings & Tubing

OUR PRODUCT RANGE Push-in fittings BSP fittings Compression fittings Stainless Steel fittings Extensive range of tubing Extensive Range Activ-Air can offer a wide range of pneumatic fittings which offer a fast and secure solution to complex tubing systems. Push-In, Compression, Barb, Couplers, Multi-connectors and Rotary fittings are available along with an extensive range of different […]

Control Panels

PRODUCT DETAILS Pneumatic & Electro-pneumatic panels PLC based control panels In-house design and build facilities Large or small assemblies Kitting facilities One-stop solution One-stop solution Our Systems Department offer a complete one-stop solution whether it be a simple manual pneumatic panel through to a full electrical/pneumatic PLC controlled panel, we can build it. With full […]


PRODUCT RANGE Pressure & Vacuum gauges Digital pressure & flow switches Temperature control equipment Vacuum equipment, low & high Process gas equipment Process pumps & valves Static elimination Gauges, Switches and Control Equipment With the increasing requirement for electrical pressure and flow switches within monitored systems we have a solution for all applications. We cover […]

Hobby & Light Industrial

OUR PRODUCT RANGE The Pole Position Activ-Air Portable ABAC Light Activ-Air Diesel Hydrovane THE POLE POSITION A deceptively powerful compact compressor, ideal for the garage, or small craft workshop. Our technical support staff can advise you on your application and suitability. THE ACTIV-AIR PORTABLE The Activ-Air Portable, cast iron cylinders, British built a heavy weight […]

Industrial Compressors

OUR PRODUCT RANGE ALMiG Combi ALMiG Belt ALMiG Variable ALMiG Gear ALMiG Flex ALMiG V and G Drive ALMIG COMBI The AlMiG Combi, fast becoming the market leading full feature Air Station. 5.5 kw – 22 kw, there is a Combi available for most small to medium sized industrial operations. With variable speed options available at […]

Specialist Applications

OUR PRODUCT RANGE Localised high pressure system ALMiG Dynamic Series ALMiG Lento Oil Free ALMIG HIGH PRESSURE SYSTEM A customer had a need for a localised High Pressure system within his works. He did not want to have to install a new high pressure compressor. The answer was to produce a local high pressure system, […]

Air Purification

KEY DETAILS Increased energy efficiency Lower energy costs Reduced operating costs Accurate moisture control Refrigerant Dryers Only by listening to the customer, and assessing their needs, can the correct solution be specified, our technical support staff are at your disposal. Refrigerant dryers from only the best, you would expect nothing else. Moisture Control Suppressed Dew […]

Installation, Service & Repair

KEY DETAILS Carefully designed specifications Experienced technical teams Preventative maintenance programs OEM trained engineers Careful Design All compressed air systems are a critical part of your facility. To function properly and cost effectively, it must be carefully designed to fill the special needs of your applications. Our technical staff will evaluate the critical factors: Demand […]

Medical Air Systems

KEY DETAILS Proven history of supplying to the NHS Full compliance with HTMSO2 High quality systems Selected from the best manufacturers Complete Systems There can be no more critical environment for compressed air, with a proven history of servicing and supplying compressors into the NHS. Activ-Air can specify and install complete medical air systems, in […]

Hydrovane, Vacuum & Nitrogen

KEY DETAILS Hydrovane Compressors World leading solutions Continuous availability with our vacuum systems HYDROVANE COMPRESSOR Occupying a unique position in the compressed air market, the Hydrovane compressor represents a world leading solution for some applications. VACUUM SYSTEMS Often overlooked, vacuum systems can be as critical to industry as compressed air. Generating Nitrogen from Compressed Air, […]

Energy Saving & Heat Recovery

KEY DETAILS Reduction in energy consumption Lower costs Meet conservation goals Compressed Air Energy prices have increased at an alarming rate, and interest in environmental responsibility is at an all time high. Many organisations are looking for ways to conserve energy, reduce carbon emissions, and save on overall utility costs. There are some relatively simple […]

Specialist Services

KEY DETAILS Data logging and analysis Latest Ultrasonic detection systems Noise suppression Air quality testing Data Logging/Analysis We can supply engineers to: Data Log your system, to measure in real time the air produced and energy consumed Measure and quantify the leaks in your system, with the latest Ultrasonic detection systems Analyse the noise from […]