Excel 32, V04, V05

Solenoid Actuated 22mm poppet valves.Excel 32 V04, V05 Series.

  • In-line and sub-base mounted – 2/2 3/2 NO/NC G1/8 G1/4
  • Compact installation
  • Removable coil
  • Standard exhaust diffuser

Excel 32, V04, V05 Valves

Part NumberActuationPort sizeFlow L/minOperating pressure (bar)List Price
V05X286M-B63*A2/2 NCInterface1500…1683.46
V04A286M-B62*A2/2 NCG1/81900…1083.46
V04B286M-B42*A2/2 NCG1/41900…10
V05B286N-B43*A2/2 NCG1/42600…13101.77
V04X386L-B62*A3/2 NOInterface950…1079.55
V04A386L-B62*A3/2 NOG1/81200…1079.55
V04X486L-B62*A3/2 N/CInterface950…1083.46
V05X486M-B63*A3/2 NCInterface1500…1079.55
V04A486L-B63*A3/2 NCG1/81200…10
V05A486M-B63*A3/2 NCG1/81900…1083.46

Insert voltage codes from table below. Order connector plugs separately.

For interface valves use manifold M/P95598/#.# = number of stations from 1 to 6.

Voltage codes and spare coils

VoltageCodeCOIL V04List PriceCOIL V05List Price
12 V d.c.2V04X286A-Q1222£33.96—-33.96
24 V d.c.3V04X286A-Q1233£33.24V05X286A-Q123£33.24
24 V 50/60 Hz4V04X286A-Q1224£32.24V05X286A-Q1234£33.24
48 V 50/60 Hz6V04X286A-Q1226£33.30—-
110.120 V 50/60 Hz8V04X286A-Q1228£32.24V05X286A-Q1238£33.24
220…240V 50/60 Hz9V04X286A-Q1229£32.24V05X286A-Q1239£33.24
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