8D Series

Electronic-Mechanical Pressure Switch. Pneumatic/Hydraulic.


  • Diaphragm actuated
  • Switching pressure ranges 0.02 to 30 Bar


  • Piston actuated
  • Switching pressure range 5 to 250 Bar

Norgren 8D Pneumatic Switches

Part NumberPressure RangeFluid ConnectionElectrical ConnectionAdjustment MethodSwitching pressure difference (bar)
0820150000000.2 to 12G1/4Gland pg 13.5Allen Screw-cover0.9 to1.4
0821055000000.2 to 12G1/4DIN EN 175301-803 FORM AAllen Screw-cover0.9 to 1.4
0820160000000.2 to 12G1/4Gland pg 13.5Rotary Knob0.9 to 1.4
0820750000000.5 to 30G1/4Gland pg 13.5Allen Screw-cover1.0 to 2.0
0820850000000.5 to 30FlangeGland pg 13.5Allen Screw-cover1.0 to 2.0

Norgren 8D Hydraulic Switches

Part NoPressure RangeFluid ConnectionElectrical ConnectionAdustment MethodSwitching pressure difference (bar)
0821051000005 to 70G1/4Gland pg 13.5Hex screw cover0.9 to1.4
0820155000005 to 70G1/4DIN EN 175301-803 FORM AHex screw cover0.9 to 1.4
08215050000010 to 160G1/4Gland pg 13.5Hex screw cover0.9 to 1.4
08211500000010 to 160FlangeGland pg 13.5Hex screw cover1.0 to 2.0
08210600000010 to 160G1/4Scaled Rotary KnobRotary Knob Cover1.0 to 2.0
08210970000050 to 250G1/4Gland pg 13.5Hex screw cover1.0 to 2.0
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