33D Series

Electronic-Mechanical Pressure Switch. Pneumatic/Allfluid.

  • -1 to 400 Bar
  • Display of system pressure and unit (pressure unit programmable)
  • Compact & robust design
  • Easy programming of set points and additional functions
  • Transistor output signals 1 x PNP/d x PNP + 4 to 20 mA
  • Electronic lock
  • Switching status indicated by LED
  • Standard M12 x 1 electrical connection (IP65)

Norgren 33D Series

Part NumberPressure Range (bar)Over PressureFluid ConnectionOutput SignalList Price
086301200000-1 to 110G1/41 x PNP£172.90
086302200000-1 to 110G1/42 X PNP/analogue 4 to 20 mA£203.50
086304200000-1 to 110G1/41 x PNP£243.50
086301600000-1 to 110Flange1 x PNP£221.90
0863112000000 to 1040G1/41 x PNP£229.40
0863312200000 to 1040G1/42 x PNP £229.40
0863212000000 to 1630G1/41 x PNP£17.90
0863222000000 to 1630G1/42 x PNP£203.50
0863242000000 to 1630G1/41 x PNP/analogue 4..20 mA£243.50
0863216000000 to 1630Flange1 X PNP£189.60
0863312000000 to 40100G1/41 X PNP£229.40
0863322000000 to 40100G1/42 X PNP£315.60
0863342000000 to 40100G1/41 x PNP/analogue 4..20 mA£301.70
0863412000000 to 100200G1/41 X PNP£229.40
0863422000000 to 100200G1/42 X PNP£375.60
0863512000000 to 160300G1/41 X PNP£303.30
0863612000000 to 250500G1/41 X PNP£229.40
0863622000000 to 250500G1/42 X PNP£469.10
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